Capital Medical Group Financial Policy

Capital Medical Group Insurance and Financial Agreement

The Billing Department at Capital Medical Group processes health insurance claims daily and makes it our #1 priority to make sure your information is transmitted correctly and safely to your insurance carrier for timely reimbursement. Please help by always having your insurance card with you when visiting our facilities and notifying our staff when there are changes in your address or insurance carrier. Our staff may ask you for picture ID and insurance card to validate your account and make sure your insurance benefits are up-to-date in our system.

We ask that before calling the billing department you have the following information available:

1) Your Insurance Card

2) The bill you are calling about

Your name in our system:

Remember the first day of school? The teacher took attendance and called your REAL first name. Once you told the teacher to please call you anything but that, things were good for the rest of the year, unless you had a substitute teacher! Well, our staff will make note of your favorite name, but we ask that for something as important as your account that you please give us the name on your insurance card when inquiring about your bill.

Thank you!


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Louisville, KY 40295-0203
(502) 223-5811